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As the rental market becomes bigger it is more important than ever to have an inventory completed for all parties concerned


Would you leave your property uninsured? No, then why risk not being able to recover damages from a deposit by not having an independent inventory report?


Your deposit should be kept in a government approved scheme but do you want to avoid disputes to get it back at the end? Make sure you have a comprehensive inventory report so you have a clear report of the state you received the property in and how it was handed back


Why use your time and resources to produce a report which could be classed as biased? Safeguard your landlords and tenants by getting an independant, accredited inventory company.

As an independant and accredited inventory specialist we can offer a full range of property inventory services



Check ins should be conducted on the first day of a new tenancy before the tenants move in and part of the key giving process. The inventory report used for the check in should ideally be completed within a few days of the check in to ensure it is the most up to date and accurate.


We will meet the tenants at the property, go through the inventory report noting any additional comments by the tenants, take meter readings, check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, check keys and have the report signed by the tenants.


Any additional comments will be added to the electronic copy and forwarded to you. The original hard bound signed copy will be provided to be retained by the landlord/managing agent.



The inventory report provides a comprehensive written document of the condition and contents of the property at the time of the inventory completion and includes digital photographs. This includes all fittings, fixtures and furniture (if furnished).


The property should be cleaned and ready to let on the day the report is instructed to make sure the report is as accurate as possible.


The report can be delivered in an electronic secure PDF format/ hard bound printed or both.


We aim to get reports complete and electronically delivered within 24 hours of the inspection. However, we can offer a rapid response service if necessary.


As an ARLA Propertymark member our reports conform to their recommended best practise.




A mid-term inspection is normally carried out at regular intervals of a tenancy agreement. i.e. Once every quarter. Or these can be carried out on an ad hoc basis.


This inspection will make general notes regarding the condition of the property and contents. We will also list any issues that may need to be addressed in regards to repairs or maintenance. It is also an opportunity to ensure the tenants are fulfilling their obligations and give them an opportunity to raise any concerns or issues that may need to be addressed.


The report will be provided with digital photographs in an electronic secure PDF format.



Check outs should be conducted on the last day of the tenancy and keys taken from the tenant on completion of the check out to make the report accurate.


We will meet the tenants and using the original inventory report from the check in, the property and contents will be checked taking fair wear and tear into account.


Meter readings will be taken and keys counted. Any comments by the tenants will be included and we will ask tenants to sign the report.


We aim to get reports complete and electronically delivered within 24 hours of the inspection.


  • Ability to offer flexible hours to get the job done when needed
  • We can offer a rapid response turnaround
  • Reports can be tailor made for different clients
  • For a small fee we will store signed reports for you
  • Pre-inspection Summary - if we find items/issues we feel may need attention whilst performing an inventory report we will call you to make you aware
  • Key checking - have a bunch of keys and not sure what they do? Whilst doing the inventory report we can make sure they are all current keys for the property and label accordingly
  • We can provide electronic copies directly to the landlord and tenant
  • Do you give welcome packs/gifts? - We can collect and deliver these for you as part of the check in
  • Have the tenants been unable to get in to sign agreements? - We can collect and witness the tenants signatory on the agreement before we perform the accompanied check in
  • We can carry out Legionnaires Disease risk assessment


What other services can we help you with? We want to work in Partnership with you so talk to us if you think there is more we can help you with.


* Some services may incur additional costs

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