About Inventories

What is an inventory?


An inventory is a detailed, itemised report of the contents, fittings and fixtures of a property including the condition.


Why is one needed?

Without an inventory, there is no safeguard. Any damage or defects noted at the end of tenancy will be extremely hard to dispute without a record of the contents and condition of the property at the start of tenancy. Even if you decide to retain the deposit, which may not cover the cost of damage, you could be taken to court by the tenant to try and recover it.


Why use a company?


An inventory sounds simple but it's the attention to detail that will avoid disputes between landlords and tenants regarding damage and defects upon check out.


It is even more important to have an independent inventory conducted since the law changed on 6 April 2007 to make all landlords of Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs) in England and Wales protect deposits under a government approved scheme. The aim of this is to ensure good practise in deposit handling and to provide an alternative dispute resolution service.


A robust and comprehensive inventory report will help with any disputes over property condition and contents.



AW Services provide a professional service for all your inventory needs throughout Plymouth and the South Hams.


We are accredited members of ARLA Propertymark and conform to their best codes of practise to provide comprehensive and robust reports that can be used in disputes if ever required.


We have public and products liability insurance cover of £5,000,000 and professional indemnity insurance cover of £1,000,000


Our reports details all furnishings, fixtures and fittings and include conditions of property and contents noting any marks, flaws, defects, stains etc on walls, floors, ceiling, woodwork, paintwork, windows, radiators, furniture....basically anything that is in or part of the property.


Why take the risk of having no report or spending your time producing a report which could be classed as biased, we can do this for you at highly competitive prices.

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